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The Coroner

In cases where the death is reported to the Coroner the procedure is somewhat different. The coroner and his/ her officers will be in direct communication with you and keep you informed with every step. No doctor will issue a Medical certificate, the coroner will send the required information to the registrars where you will register.

The death has to be registered in the district where the death occurred, once the doctor has issued the medical certificate please contact the registrars to make an appointment.

How to Register

Documents required for registration
(if any of these documents are not available registration will still be possible)
Medical Certificate of Death (provided by doctor or coroner)
Medical card
Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate.

Information required by the registrar
Date and place of birth
Date and place of death
Full name of deceased (maiden name if applicable)
Occupation and home address
If married full name and occupation of surviving spouse.

Certificates you will be given
Certificate for burial or cremation (not always when the coroner is involved)
Copy of Entry of death for banks, insurance, solicitors etc.
Hospitals may offer a registration service through there bereavement service in hospital.

Arranging the Service

When you are ready please make contact with us so we can arrange to meet with the family to discuss the arrangements for the service either at our office or in your own home.

The funeral service is a day for you to both celebrate the life of your loved one and to express your sorrow at their passing. We will help you base the funeral service around their life.

If your loved one has expressed their wishes in a will or funeral plan, your funeral director will have the basis for the funeral arrangements. If not, you and your family will need to decide what is appropriate for your loved one.

There are many decisions to be made and many ways to personalise the service you may wish to have. Below are the main things you need to consider.

Burial or Cremation

The main decision you need to make is whether the service will be a burial service or cremation service. If no request has been made then it is the decision of the family to make. Once the decision has been made you need to decide which church or crematorium is to be used or which cemetery or churchyard you wish to use. Parish churchyards may only be available to people who reside in the parish.

Type of Service

A funeral service centered on a eulogy is a deeply moving way to pay your final respects to a loved one. This type of service allows opportunity for reflection on the life of the deceased, as well as the experiences that made them so special to you. A funeral celebrant can officiate and compose the service with you. A non religious venue can be arranged.

A religious funeral service allows you to pay tribute to your loved one in a manner befitting their religious beliefs. We can arrange for the funeral service to take place in a particular place of worship or for the local minister to take the funeral; alternatively, we can ensure that an appropriate minister is involved. We will do everything we can to arrange funeral that shows the utmost respect for the beliefs of the deceased.


A hearse will be required for the service this can be a motor hearse or other varieties are available. The hearse can be accompanied by a limousine or limousines. There is no requirement to have a limousine, family can travel in their own vehicles if they wish and still follow in a cortege. As many limousines can be provided as you wish and each one can carry up to seven passengers.

Our horse drawn hearse service is beautiful – the ideal way to make your loved one’s final journey both moving and traditional. We can supply either two or four horses, which can be either black or white with a magnificent matching carriage.


We provide a Florist service to make sure all your floral requirements are handled professionally and with sensitivity by our florist of many years’ experience. From naturally arranged tributes, to the more formal floral designs to suitable arrangements for the church or chapel.

The expression brought through flowers can bring great comfort to the bereaved; our florist can also create personalized designs to help you express your individual feelings.

Our team will be available to guide you with your choice and discuss any requirements you may have. Our service is also extended to other family and friends, no matter how near or far they are.


If you would like a lasting memory for everyone who attends the funeral then we are pleased to help, advise you and liaise with the minister to produce service booklets. These can have photographs of the deceased and some words of poetry and if appropriate the words to hymns or songs during the service. They can also just be guide to people as to what is happening during the ceremony.

Memorial cards are also available please ask to see examples. In memorium books for people to write thoughts and memories or attendance cards just to let you know of their attendance, can be provided.


Most families believe that the funeral service should reflect the character of the deceased, and music is an ideal way to achieve this. As a powerful reminder of a person’s tastes, character and interests, a personal piece of music can be both poignant and uplifting, awakening memories in all attendees.

Coffin Selection

The choice of coffin depends on you or your loved ones preferences. There are a wide range of coffins available to choose from, ranging from a simple oak coffin, wicker or wool coffins, or a bespoke personal colourful coffins with pictures of the life or family of the person who has passed away. Many designs and variation are available with the advice in technology, so please feel free to ask for advice on selecting the right coffin.

Newspaper Notices

You may wish to place a notice in a local or national paper before the service to let people know of your loved one’s passing and also details of the funeral service. Following the service an acknowledgment notice can be placed in the paper as a way of acknowledging the support of people around you at this time.

Dressing the Deceased

Many people prefer their loved one to wear their own clothes, when they are buried or cremated. Clothes that reflect their personality are becoming more popular now, such as wedding dresses, uniforms, football strips or sports clothing. Please bear in mind that we have to comply with cremation regulations, but please check with us for advice on this. There are very little restrictions in relation to burials.

We also offer gowns / shrouds, which come in different colours, which can be used. Please speak to one of our team if you think this is something you may require.

Chapels of Rest

Our chapel of rest offers you a quiet, comfortable and private room to see your loved one. Visiting it is decision that each individual person will make, and there is no pressure from us in relation to this.

If you choose to visit, feel free to bring in photo’s, letters, or any other items that you feel belongs with your loved one. There are some restrictions on certain materials particularly in relation to cremations. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Other Considerations

We have highlighted the main things you may wish to consider above, but the list is not exhaustive and there are still many ways to personalise services from dove releases to highland pipers. If you have any other requests please feel free to ask us.

Whilst arranging the funeral we will advise on costs and charges to be incurred, culminating in a full written estimate that should be agreed and signed so that you feel confident with the funeral arrangements. It is customary for a deposit to be paid before the service.

Consult a Solicitor

In most circumstances, it is advisable for you to consult a solicitor both to relieve you of many worries and to take control of wills, problems of intestacy, outstanding debts, grants and letters of administration. A solicitor could save you a great deal of unnecessary trouble and eventually save you money. If you know that a solicitor has been consulted by the deceased in the recent past it is important that you contact them without delay.

Cremated Remains

If a cremation service has been chosen then one decision that needs to be given some consideration is what to do with the remains following the service, if the deceased had specific requests then we will assist in making those if you require us to. It is a decision that does not need to be rushed as there are many options which we would be happy to discuss with you. Remains may be kept, scattered or interred. You may also decide for something like a keepsake memorial from Ashes Into Glass or a decorative urn. Brochures are available on request.


To guide you in making the right choices, we can provide a high quality services, working with Clarkson’s Memorials. Clarkson’s Memorials offer a wide range of memorials, finished to the highest standards, to provide a long lasting memory of your loved one. Please ask a member of our team for any further assistance or a brochure.

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